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For some time I have been working together with Actiss Italia. Actiss Partners is an originally French organization, that offers its customer companies concrete solutions to support them during phases of change and evolution.

The experience gained in years of multi-level responsibility, in different sectors and in international contexts, makes the achievement of positive results very likely. Operational resources are immediately available.

Here are some examples of Actiss’ interventions:

  1. Temporary Management: This type of mission combines consulting activities with real operational management aimed at achieving the set goals. These projects include business development, internationalization, restructuring, but also support for launching new products, during a generational transition or when the company faces and overcomes a crisis situation.
  2. Merger & Acquisition: ACTISS’s approach is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and their internationalization. The approach is based, on the one hand, on in-depth knowledge of its customers’ activities – which allows them to accompany them even after the acquisition / merger – and, on the other hand, direct contacts with investors to support the realization and financing of specific customer’s M & A targets.
  3. Venture Development: This solution is aimed in particular at entrepreneurs, managing directors and / or shareholders who want to place their company on a path of strong growth and consider the opportunity of selling in the future. It also applies to smaller companies, since in such cases, ACTISS operates at a lower rate and takes a minority stake of the company’s equity.

You can find Actiss on And if you are interested in getting more information, contact me without hesitation.

Author: Michele Schweinöster

International manager with deep understanding of consumer durable goods and of machinery, functionally expert in the areas of service, logistics and sales.

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