Are you ready for a new market?

I am a private pilot. The first thing that is taught to those who begin flying is that you must control thoroughly everything before taking off: much better to fix a problem on the ground rather than dealing with it when airborne. The tool to carry out these task is called the CHECK-LIST.

Entering a new market and launching products also has its risks.

Here is a check-list to ensure everything is ready before launching a product on a new market:

1 We have identified a product that is leading the competition in the markets where we already are  and certainly will be succesful in the new market.
2 We have enough data to accurately estimate the size of the market we are going to attack and our potential.
3 We have drawn up a detailed action plan and we have allocated an adequate budget.
4 We fully understand the country where we want to go. There are no cultural barriers of any kind
5 Our business team is ready to support the new market. We have sufficient capacity and we have already identified the key contact points.
6 The current rules (e.g. product standards) in the country where you want to enter are known and adhered to.
7 We know what the required service levels are and we have all Logistics solutions ready to reach them from day one.
8 Two years will suffice to pay back the initial investment in the new market.

Have you answered “true” to all the questions? Great! You ready to proceed to the new market launch.

Have you answered “false” to one or more questions? Then S + P can help.

Our passion and our skills will help you going beyond the limits you set to your own company, will help you discovering new opportunities and finding new customers but – first and foremost – will help you increasing turnover and bottom-line figures.

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We are going to achieve this adopting a structured approach and always keeping the final objective in sight.

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