Our partner network

  Transition Management (Temporary Management, Mergers & Acquisitions): Actiss Italia

Legal support for all corporate and contractual issues: Avv. Simone Campi, Pavia

  Certification and compliance support: IAS Register, Balerna, Svizzera

  German local support camera di commercio italiana in Germania (ITKAM)


  • Recruitment
    We have relationships to head-hunters for senior jobs and to agencies and brokers present across the country.
  • Tax, legal and payroll
    These items, due to the notorious Italian complexity, must be tackled with the help and support of Italian professionals. We know reliable addresses across the country.
  • Housing and real estate
    We have several options open both for office spaces and for industrial buildings. Both are currently relatively cheap to be rented in Italy.
    Furthermore we have the option of using temporary, shared offices in several cities.
  • Logistics and other service providers
    If warehousing and shipment is a concern, we can take care of that, as well as of other specific support needs (e.g. call centre, repair service, etc.), having significant expertise in these areas.